Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Palazzo Rossa

As Dee mentioned, we are in Italy this week, staying at Palazzo Rossa, a 17th-cenutry farm where some of the the buildings have been turned into vacation apartments and guest houses. We are near the village of Longare, between Verona and Venice, and very close to Padua. It's absolutely delightful, and we've already fallen in love with Italy! Here I thought I'd just post some pictures with captions to let you picture where we are.We are staying in this section of one of the buildings; I believe this was a former barn. The hosts live in the left section and the guest apartment is on the right. Inside the arch is a patio with an outdoor pizza oven and two lemon trees. It's lovely inside, too.
The farm has 400 acres and lots of paths for walking. On Monday we walked across the farm, through the vineyard, and here you can see the main estate in the distance.
The kids love all the animals that are here: two dogs and three cats that all come to greet us when we come back. Here they're also taking in the sun.
The kids couldn't quite understand the Italian name for this cute little dog (he's our favorite), so they've taken to calling him by a Mexican name (!), "Paco."
Almost every day the animals leave little "gifts" on our doorstep. On this day it was a rabbit's leg!
This is the view from the boys northern window. Not sure if you can see it, but the snow-capped Dolomites are there in the distance.

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