Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mothering Sunday

It seems I'm to be celebrated twice this year. This past Sunday was Mother's Day in England. It traces its roots to a time when families returned to their "mother" churches for Easter, and then shared a meal together afterwards. In recent times however, most have left out the church bit, and just returned to their mothers.

We had already decided to go to an evening church service for Sunday. We'd heard about a more charismatic meeting at St Michael le Belfry that gathered at 7pm. So when asked how I'd like to spend the day, a morning sleeping in, drinking coffee and reading the papers appealed to me. I awoke at 6am and could not get back to sleep. I finally got up at 7, reposed myself on the couch, was served my French pressed coffee with brioche and selected the first of my 2 morning papers. The children appeared at intervals over the next 2 hours, dropping kisses tinged with morning breath on my cheek (gone are the days of those sweet, baby kisses and squishy hugs, but so is the getting up in the middle of the night. I'll take the morning breath, they can brush their own teeth!)) and adding to my collection of gifts. I'd received potted primroses, and heart shaped toast with honey. When Grayson finally appeared, they presented me with a beautiful pair of silver earrings designed in Cornwall and a box of chocolates from right here in York. A gift for me and a gift to share!

By 11, they were all getting on my nerves. Jamie and Jack headed out for a hike and the other 3 to town centre to read magazines at Borders (much cheaper than buying them) and to spend the pound I'd given them. Yes, okay, I paid them to leave. It was worth every pence.

When the kids got back, they prepared supper -our usual Sunday night fare of warmed baguette with back bacon, onion rings and stilton cheese. We call it "heart attack on a bun", but it is so yummy. We then headed to church where the worship music soothed my soul and got my feet to tapping. We'll definitely return.
It was a lovely day. I can't wait to do again in May.