Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day to Day: Monday Ritual

As another glimpse into day-to-day life here in York, consider our Monday routine. On Monday evenings, York Evangelical Church hosts a Bible club for the kids (Maddie and Jack's age). Our friends the Jakemans very kindly shuttle the kids over there. In fact, they host a number of kids for "tea" (supper) beforehand, so that puts us down to two offspring at home on Monday nights. We take advantage of this opportunity to make the trek to the Sainbury's, our local big supermarket. Keep in mind we're here sans auto, so that means walking to then stock up on a week's worth of groceries for six. This requires a veritable transformation of the boys and I into little pack mules who come home laden with goods (Deanna somehow always ends up with, like, a bag of bread or something! ;-) We brought our Trader Joe's re-usable bags with us, as well as multiple backpacks; but an errand of this scale also requires us to enlist a luggage cart fitted with a big empty "crisps" box. Here you can see the boys and I languishing under our burdens, just about to the door.

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Kate and Nathan said...

Aw, I can almost hear the sad Charlie Brown music!

Been thinking about you guys and hope all is well - it's so fun to catch up on your lives in England! I'm writing a bit at http://www.thecurvedpath.com these days.

Take care!