Friday, March 21, 2008

Guest Post from Jackson

When we arrived at King's cross Station to catch the train back to York, we noticed that we still had half an hour until our train left. I remembered that's where they shot part of the Harry Potter movie and so we went to find the Platform 9 and 3/4. When we went between platform 9 and 10 we started laughing because there's a sign that said Platform 9 and 3/4 and underneath it a trolley that was half way through the wall.
We went to the Tower of London(Which was my favourite stop) and I ditched my Mum and Dad and hung out with one of the students named Josh (he's cool). We saw the Crown jewels and it was pretty awesome. There was loads of diamonds and a massive solid gold punch bowl complete with an ivory ladle. Me and Josh stared at one of the guards for about 5 minutes and he stood stone still the whole time. Unfortunately, when I was with Josh my family got to see the changing of the guard without me. All the guards wear big funny hats. We went to the White tower which is an armoury inside the Tower of London. It has lots and lots of weapons. It had one of King Henry V armour. We also stood where Anne Boelyn was beheaded. That was one of King Henry the VIII's wives.

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Marty Michelson said...

I'm not even sure which kid is Jackson, but I loved reading this - and seeing the pictures. ~ Jamie, weren't you supposed to be @ WTS, now you're in Italy. Charming!