Friday, March 21, 2008

Going 'Home'

Today we left London for York. Traveling with large amounts of people stresses me out. So i was not in a very good mood. We got to the subway station (gross and dirty) and 2 escalators and a set of stairs later onto the tube (also gross and dirty, kinda like a giant tube of trash that moves at high speeds) My mother informed me that London also won this year for 'Dirtiest City in Europe' award. We are on the train right now in our rightful seats after much shuffling and looking for good seats. When we got to the train it was almost completely full, so we went down nearly the entire length of the train looking for seats that were by each other. We eventually found some. We had reserved seats but did not realize this until we were standing in the area between the cars (which is also where our large suitcase was situated) We were standing there and realized that we did have reserved seats, so Dee went to go kick the people out of our seats while we waited alongside the trashiest family on Earth. It was disgusting, they were shouting on their cell phones ("NO YOU'RE DRUNK!", "NO YOU'RE DRUNK") while she gulped on her Carlsberg, and he on his Stella Artois, their son shockingly was beer-less. The rest of their conversation was too explicit to repeat. We then went to our seats, which i am in now and they're quite nice.

My favorite part of London was the Nat'l Portrait Gallery, where there were 4 Andy Warhols.
My mom tells me to write more positive things, but i guess i'm not too good at that =D, she also was the editor for this entry because she is sitting right next to me analyzing each word, "great spelling" she says.

PS this was published a day late because the internet on the train stopped working.