Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tandoori Take Me Away

Last night we decided it was high time to take advantage of some of the wonderful opportunities available to us at York Minster. We invited the children to attend Evensong with us with the added incentive of dinner out afterwards. In the Anglican tradition of following The Book of Common Prayer, this service would be under the section of "evening prayers". The difference being, all of the prayers were sung by a choir which included children. We arrived for the 5:15 service and were ushered by a kind priest to a "family pew", complete with a door that enclosed us and plush kneelers (not foot stools as the kids first supposed!). It was a pleasant experience (although I couldn't help thinking how much more my good friend Lisa would be appreciating it) and I loved the prayers the priest prayed and the responsive readings and reciting the creed (what is happening to my pentecostal self?). The kids were great if not a little creeped out by all the dead people buried inside.

After being fed spiritually, it was time to find some dinner which lead to out and out warfare over where to eat. No one in our family disagrees quietly. Jack just wanted some normal food (meaning pizza), Gray just wanted some place nice (meaning expensive) and Maddie and Cole weren't really sure what they wanted but it was for sure not what any one else wanted. The nice family dinner we'd imagined was quickly slipping away. We finally stumbled upon an Italian restaurant run by Eastern Europeans that had delicious looking pizza for take away(which is cheaper than eating in-but I don't know why). Jamie and I decided to get that for the kids and that just the 2 of us would have a nice family dinner out! Coleson proclaimed the pizza some of the best he'd ever had, second only to Giordano's in Chicago.

We dropped the kids off at home and headed to the Indian restaurant around the corner called York Tandoori and Take Away. I was a little apprehensive. Could anything be as good as our beloved Bombay Cuisine back in GR? It was fantastic. Jamie got Tikka Masala and I got the Butter Chicken all washed down with the bottle of white wine we purchased at the corner store. Turns out you bring your own! The table of two beside us brought 2. They were very friendly.
Upon arriving home, Jackson informed us they'd been keeping tabs on us. Turns out you can see from our upstairs window right into the front of the restaurant! (That's the view from our window on the left.) There's just no getting away from them!

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