Saturday, January 19, 2008

day full of fun

today i went to the Grand Opera House to do a dance that i have been practicing for a week, everyday of the week. It was African themed and i played the drum and danced like i was an African animal. I had loads of fun!
After that we went to the York Castle Museum. It had a ton of facts about the Victorians, which was helpful to me because we are studying the Victorians in school. I was quite disturbed by one of the displays because it had a rabbit hanging from the sealing and it looked so real i could swear it was. But then it got worse my dad replied, " That's dinner for them tonight." i then replied, " That is so rude!" and we ended the discussion with that. Moving on, after that we saw what a street would look like in the Victorian times. It was really amusing, they had a post office and a grocery store and they carts in the middle of the street that people would have pushed around. They had like ice cream and bread in them.

We then went to Sainsburry's to get a FEW groceries. Turns out we got lots of food, over half of them being cookies for 'tea time' says mum. on our way out I saw a sign that says some person has a telly for sale. Since we were looking for a telly i told dad and he came over and looked at it called the person and it is being dropped of at out house to night. Sad thing is we are not going to be able to play the PS2 because we already tried to see if it would work with this plug that was apparently to strong or something, so it got fried (not literally) but at least we get to watch the news or something.
thats it for now!

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