Friday, January 11, 2008

feelin better

warmish greetings from York!
feeling better and happy,today we had our last day of school till next week. Yesterday I had P.E. and thankfully I had time the night before to catch a bus to go find a swimsuit and P.E. kit (clothes). After school I signed up for the Drama club barely actually it is a very big class! But very fun, we acted like we were a giant board game and we were the pieces. It was well funny! I am also going to join a couple of other clubs like the art club and possibly the net ball club. Right now i am also doing a dance festival thing. It is African dancing and we also play the drums and bongos while others dance. We do that next weekend and when i say we i mean most of the girls in my class including my friend Ellie and and other Ellie as well also Maya, Thea, Freya, Marissa, Katherine, Beth, Claudia, Becky, Dion, Shannon and i think that is all. I can not remember every!body's names.
that is all for now.

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grandma said...

Hi Maddie,glad you,re feeling better and that you have met some new friends.You dound like you,re really going to be busy.Do any of you,re friends live near you?What have you got planned for the weekend?I hope you enjoy you,re drama course.Keep up the blogging.Love Grandma