Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some Interseting Statistics

Since beginning school on January 10, my brother and I have taken the bus two and a half miles to school and walk the same distance home. The bus ride which takes approximately ten minutes to reach school, takes thirty minutes to walk home. The walk home is starting to get really annoying. And since our first day on January the tenth I have calculated how many total miles I have walked to get home and how many minutes it has taken to get home (minus a couple sick days, days I have taken the bus home and the half term break, which added up to nine days total) and I have come up with this. I have walked 177.5 miles altogether walking home from school. I could walk to Chicago from Grand Rapids and more in that same distance! *(the exact distance from Grand Rapids to Chicago is 129 miles.) The time it has taken for me to get home added together sums up to 35.5 hours. I have also walked plenty of other places and wouldn't even try to add up how far i have walked. the total miles walking home is over whelming enough for me. All this walking has given me a "sculpted body" and "chiseled features" that everyone living in Grand Rapids or Ontario will be able to witness when I return (=. These totals are only for 71 days of walking, I still have to walk home for 13 days. That is another 32.5 miles and another 6.5 hours. I'll probably collapse from all this walking on the last day of school.


Jessica St. Pierre said...

Can't wait to see your big guns!

Matt, Lydia and Micah said...

cole you are hilarious! i am sure your chiseled body is impressive!
later hee-man!