Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Holy Island and Hadrians Wall

Sunday we went to Holy Island and saw Castle on a Rock A.K.A. Lindis Farne Castle, a castle as you probably guessed is a castle: on a rock heres a picture of it (its really big).

What I tell you?We didn't go inside because it was really expensive,so guess what we did?we got some pictures and left! The coolest thing about Holy Island is that you can only drive to it when when its low tide so that means you can't leave either!theres a road that goes to it at low tide and it can get covered up by water WHILE YOUR STILL ON IT!people have to get rescued from the water by like,helicopters and stuff it would suck to get stuck in the water.
Hadrian's Wall was pretty cool it is about...2000 years old! so wee did a little walk by it and got wet and muddy, over all it was cool,heres a picture.

After Hadrian's Wall we went home and went to bed.

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Matt, Lydia and Micah said...

this has more to do with jamie's recent post, but have you guys discovered why there are stone circles? does anyone know what their purpose is and what sect they belong to? just curious, something we should have found out when we were in scotland and england on our honeymoon... thanks for the information... i too loved the beatrice potter movie that renee zelweiger did. i love that she used alot of her money to buy land. that is something you can really respect!