Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's a little late i know. But my adoring fans have been begging for a post, so whatever. In Switzerland.... it was not fun. It rained constantly and it was very expensive. A 2-Liter of Coke cost about 4.80 Francs, with the exchange is about $4.90. So it was a little pricey. The first day there everything was closed because it was Sunday, for some reason the whole world stops turning on Sundays in Europe. So after driving up the narrow mountain path we got to our 'chalet' we had no food and nowhere to go to get food. So me and James drove down the treacherous mountain pass to the little village thingy. We found pizzas at this place for only $17.oo, of course they were about 10 inches in diameter. As we waited at the bar of the restaurant the waiter brought two little glasses of a dark brown liquid with ice. I assumed it was Coke, Dad had not yet noticed and after further investigation i discovered it was alcohol. I had a stressful day, so i downed it. Dad goes "Was that alcohol?" and i replied "I hope so." Turns out the drinking age in Switzerland is 16 for beer and wine, and 18 for like vodka and stuff. The rest of the trip was us scraping by and enduring the rain.
I think only 48 days left!!

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