Monday, May 26, 2008

Whitby weekend away 2008

At our church I go to a group called CY and we made it stand for Christian Youth. because it was for kids my age (11-13). Anyway, we went to Whitby which is a very nice town along the seaside. we left Friday and got back Sunday.
When we arrived on Friday the girls got a tour of the house we were staying in. The boys were staying in a church hall. There was two rooms for the girls to choose from I was in a room with my good friend Ellie. (the triplet) Libby and Naomi, and in the other room, since their was nine girls there was five in one and four in the other. Beth, Ellie T., Marissa, Suzie, Kezia. After the tour we had a meeting and sang some hyms. then we had some snacks. A little while later we drove down to the church where the boys were staying they unpacked then we all went for a walk around the town. This was around 10:30 - 12:00. when we got back we went to bed but first had some sweets. We got up at 9:00 for breakfast on Saturday morning. Then we had another meeting about the Holy Spirit and who he is. towards the afternoon we had a choice to either go rowing on the river or go to paint pottery. As you can probably guess I chose the painting. when we arrived there was lots of pottery everywhere. we had to choose something that wasn't too expensive, so I chose this little pot that can be used to hold paintbrushes or pencils. I painted swirls in a a dark sunset orange and light green a light tealish blue. Around an hour later we finished painting, and the people said that we need to come back in a week to pick them up because they have to put them in the kiln.
whilst we were finishing up the people who went rowing beat us back to the church for eating lunch. When we finished our lunch we got instructions for a treasure hunt around Whitby, and then put into teams. The treasure hunt had eighty-two questions, so it took around two to three hours. Eve, the leader who organized the treasure hunt calculated our scores and my team won by four points. But we barely won I was holding the answers and we were on a really narrow alley with steps. I still managed to get past and sprint to the church.
You may think that was the last of our very fun day but we are forgetting one thing...FISH&CHIPS! So we went to the beach for a little while and made sand castles and did Frisbee and stuff,but then the tide was coming in quite quickly so we had to rush up the steps away from the sea that would have soon swallowed us otherwise. We vigorously tried to get sand off of us because when we were done fish&chips were awaiting us. They were awaiting us on the pier in fact. The leaders past out the stuff to the twelve of us, and us starving vultures dug in. Part way into to our digging Ellie (my friend) fell a plop on her head and froze, she was terrified! As you can probably guess it was bird poop right on her head by her ear. one of the leaders helped Ellie wash it off and she took a shower as soon as we got home.
When we got home we had half an hour to play or take a shower. Then we had another meeting continuing from the last one. Finally we watched Ice Age. It was hilarious we were quoting it all night.
When we woke up the next morning we had breakfast, started to pack, then got ready for church. when we were all ready we drove part way then since it was nice out, walked the rest. A little while later, when church was finished we had a nice English meal of shepherd's pie. And the kids could ask the leaders any questions they wanted. When lunch was finished, we finished packing, put our stuff in the car and since it was my last time with the group they gave me a card that everyone signed and we had cake.
Then we were finished at Whitby and we were all sad to leave but our time had come. We made a banner that said thank you to the people who let us stay in their house. And we were off. =( =)

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