Friday, February 8, 2008

Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday

Lenten greetings, all. We observed the beginning of Lent in a special way. On Shrove Tuesday, which in Canada (and elsewhere?) we know as "Pancake Tuesday" (that's about as wild as the carnival gets in Canada!), we enjoyed indulgent pancakes before launching into the austerity of Lent. Turns out "pancakes" here are more akin to crepes. And Deanna made some absolutely scrumptuous pancake/crepes for dinner (with "bangers" on the side). I was all for it as it meant I basically got to have dessert for the maincourse: crepe-like pancakes covered with nutella, fresh whipped cream, and chocolate chips, then rolled up and drizzled with just a touch of chocolate syrup. Sounds like mardi gras to me!

Then on Wednesday Deanna and I attended an Ash Wednesday service at the Minster based on the penitential service in the Book of Common Prayer: a service which is simple but moving. We both noted, however, that in secularized Britain, walking around all day with ashes on your forehead does make one a bit conspicuous!

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