Friday, February 1, 2008

School Theater Trip

On Thursday my class took a trip to another city in York. It is called Bradford, it is very close to a more well known city called Leeds. We went there to see a play at the theater, we saw ' The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe'. It was pretty good but it was not a lot like the book. The children were much older than the characters in the book. Over all I quite liked it.The parts I really enjoyed were the parts when the White Witch appeared on stage a giant flash and a grumble of lightning sounded really loud. Another was when Aslan roared, It made my body shake because you didn't know when it was coming and was bloody loud.
The ride on the coach back to school was not so delightful. We were right behind the naughty boys in the class. They did stupid things like sing really badly really loud. It was actually quite funny rather then annoying . What also made me laugh was when my good friend Ellie who I have told you about kept on talking to me in a really high and like something was in her throat voice whenever she said something. In fact by the end of the trip my cheeks hurt so bad I couldn't smile the rest of the night. The not so delightful part was that one of the girls by me had a sick stomach so we had to keep clear of her and it was really hot on the bus, and it took about an hour to get back when it was only supposed to take half and hour.
Unfortunately I have no pictures to show you because I did not have a camera to post pictures with.
Talk to you later!


Jessica St. Pierre said... are picking up the English language! LOL! Quite liked it? Bloody loud? So cute!

Deanna Smith said...
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Deanna Smith said...

I know it is really weird. But it just seems natural when you live here.(by the way maddie is saying this my mum just saw that you commented when she was on.) love ya miss ya

grandma said...

Hi Maddie,you,re sounding utterly British.Sounds like you,re having fun in England.Enjoy the experience.You should be keeping a journal.Keep up the blogging.I love it.